Single TV Road Case

Transporting fragile items like display screens from one site to another can be quite a challenge. To ensure safe transport, protect your TV monitors and display panels with our top-of-the-line single TV road case designs.

We fully customise based on your monitor brand and model, as well as, accommodate configuration requests such as accessory compartments, motorised mechanisms, and even custom lid and handle designs.

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Display panels are considered fragile and need extra precaution when transported. Even the sturdiest models have delicate internal parts that require steady handling. External features like touch screen displays and sensor-activated buttons also require extra care during storage. This is the main reason why single tv road cases are needed.

Armor Cases is a leading manufacturer of custom road cases for all types of valuable equipment. Our line of single TV road case designs vary from simple slip-in cases to motorised configurations. Here are some general examples:

  • Road cases with casters – simple cases that have wheels for easier transfers
  • Road cases with motorised lifts or ramps – cases with automatic mechanisms to make set-up and pack-up faster and easier. Great for heavy TV monitors.
  • Road cases with built-in stand – a design that aims to remove any accidents caused by mishandling. The screen is fixed onto a stand inside the case so that all you need to do is open or close the case. No need to remove the screen or carry it anywhere.
  • Road cases with additional compartments – a design configuration to store accessories and smaller equipment needed together with the display panel. Usually meant for connections, remotes, and the like.

We aim to provide you with your dream single TV road case. All you need to do is provide us with the brand and model number, the purpose of the case and any other additional information you would like us to note. We will make a design based on the given data. If you are happy with the design, we proceed to manufacturing wherein our skilled engineers supervise and make sure your design is followed perfectly.

Cases are usually made out of PVC laminated plywood, carefully selected for maximum strength and resilience. We also use industrial-grade adhesives, aluminium and steel fixtures to solidify the structure even further. Depending on the design, we may add additional elements such as handles at custom locations and casters.

The internal part of the cases are mainly made up of high quality EVA foam. It is great for absorbing shock resulting from typical transport motions. The design of the foam will also depend on what type of configuration you want for your case. For instance, we can create an adjustable foam cocoon so that your case can store TV monitors of different sizes.

In case you want more options for materials, we partner with Penn Elcom hardware – a leading distributor of high quality road case parts and materials. If you have a road case design in mind, do not hesitate to reach us with your TV brand and model along with your specifics. We will get back to you as soon as we can with a reasonable quote.

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