Road/Flight Case Locker for Drum Kit/Set

Custom-built drum locker road cases with storage compartments and drawers for hardware and accessories.

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Every drum kit is different, every drummer and tech has their particular case needs. Whether you are after a series of trunk cases for different pieces of your set or you prefer a touring drum locker that holds toms, snares, bass, cymbals as well as hardware, we can design and build it for you. These drum cases can have accessory compartments and drawers. Each compartment is individually carpeted, foamed and blocked.

If you are looking for the smallest sized case possible for your drum set, a clamshell drum case can be a good solution. All cases are designed for forklift movement from trucks to stages and to make load-in and load-out more efficient.

We build these heavy-duty road cases with 12mm laminated plywood panels with Penn-Elcom hardware to ensure these cases will survive whatever is throw at them on the road to protect your expensive drum sets. We can provide you with a detailed CAD drawing to confirm the design with dimensions before commencing production of your drum locker road case. We employ the best precision cutting equipment in our workshop and experienced case maker in our workshop to ensure the cases are built with the highest standard.

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