Road Case Screen Printing / Branding (A4 Size – 210x297mm)


We offer road case branding in the form of screen printing your logo or other artwork onto your cases.

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Screen printing is a good way of branding and identifying your road cases among others.

In the rental, exhibition and entertainment production industry it is very common that your road cases can be mixed up with cases from other companies in use and in storage. Apart from using a unique color for your case panels, you can screen print your logos on the road case to for easier identification as well as branding purposes.

This order includes a one time cost of printing frame with artwork dimensions no bigger than 210 x 297mm in size, plus one application of the screen print on your road case. The print can be applied hundreds of times as long as it is cleaned quickly and thoroughly after each print. We charge $15+GST for each additional print.

Compared to stencil spray painting that a lot of rental companies would do in-house, screen printing offers much better print quality, thus a better corporate image.


Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm

400*250MM Maximum


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