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Building Your Own Case or Repairing a Old One?

We stock a wide range of road case hardware both value for money KKM and industry standard Penn-Elcom. We also maintain regular stock of laminated plywood sheets in 9mm and 12mm specs as well as EVA in 10mm spec.

Please download a current Road Case Parts Price List Here or Contact Us if you have any questions.


Consider Armor Case as your New Road Case Manufacturer

1) CAD Drawing

We use upto date and professional CAD software for accurate and efficient drawing. The drawings can not only provide a straight forward presentation to clients on what the case will look like, but also allows us to start cutting in no time upon confirmation of order.

2) CNC Cutting

We invested in Laser CNC machines for user friendly cutting with ultimate accuracy. Confirmed data flow directly from our CAD software to cutting platform. Both plywood sheets and EVA foam are precisely cut to size to ensure the box is built strong and looks appealing. Cut-outs for hardware such as latches and handles are all included in our drawing and cut by the CNC.

3) Semi-Automatic Extrusion Cutting

Aluminium extrusions are the bones and frames of road cases, and there are lots of different sizes and shapes of them involved per road case, all needs to be cut accurately to form a sturdy frame for the box.

The male and female extrusion used where the lid meets base requires precise 45° cutting at each of the 4 corners of the box so that they align perfectly so that the box is structurally strong and pleasing to look at.

Our semi-automatic cutting machine is equipped with 8000rpm high speed blades and digital measuring tools to ensure fast, accurate cutting with a smooth finish.

4) Well Trained & Experienced Staff

Our staff are experienced in all aspect of the job that they are trained to work on. They also come from a carpenter background. With all the automation and advanced equipment, one still needs the right work ethic to make the finest boxes. Our staff knows their craft extremely well and knows what to watch for in making different cases. Our workmanship is guaranteed by training, experience and attitude.

5) Longer Warranty

We offer a 5 years limited warranty to our customer since we are confident in our choice of parts and materials, as well as our workmanship.  This is much longer than the 1-2 years warranty offered by our competitors.

6) Shorter Lead Time

Due to our commitment to efficiency by investing in machineries and skilled workers, we are able to turn out products faster and our led time are usually 2-3 weeks. We are also able to deliver urgent orders within 2-3 working days for a small surcharge.

7) Competitive Pricing

We source our parts and supplies directly from manufacturers instead of wholesalers. Customers can either choose from hardware we selected and trust, or hardware that are widely respected in the industry. We ensure all hardware used are heavy duty and user friendly while not costing too much. 


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