Road Case for Aluminium Curved Truss Lectern


This case is designed to hold a curved truss lectern, made from 9mm plywood with EVA foam interior, and Penn Elcom hardware making it very durable and secure. It comes in two designs: “Space Saver” and “Productivity Booster.”

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Product details

Curved truss lecterns require a special road case to perfectly accommodate its curvature while holding it in place against bumps and sudden impact on the road or turbulence during flight.

Armor Cases does not only create bespoke cases for standard lecterns but for all types of lecterns regardless of shape, size, and design.

This road case is made from 9mm plywood which comes in gray PVC finish by default. The top and bottom of the case are cushioned with EVA foam to protect the entire lectern, and preserve the proper form of its tubes including the hexagonal angled cross bars. The case rides on Penn Elcom casters that make it mobile.

Curved truss lecterns are quite modern and we want to create a durable road case that preserves its quality. You have two options for our curved truss lecterns: Space Saver and Productivity Booster.

Space Saver

The Space Saver is designed for demountable lectern. In this type of road case, the curved truss lectern is dismantled to fit in a compact, lightweight, and ultimately portable rectangular road case. It comes with one long and slimmer compartment and two adjacent smaller compartments for the base and presenter’s shelf.

Download Drawing for Space Saver: Road Case for Truss Lectern

Productivity Booster

The Productivity Booster lets you transport your curved truss lectern without demounting it so it arrives at the destination ready for use. It saves time for the assembly which usually takes 45 minutes to one hour, and increases productivity. It comes with an I-shape compartment in the middle to hold the stem, and accommodate the presenter’s shelf and base, with two compartments side-by-side for other accessories.

Download Drawing for Productivity Transport Case for Truss Lectern Assembled

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