RCF HDL10-A Twin Speaker Road Case

This twin speaker road case is for the RCF HDL10-A speakers. It comes with a center partition and custom design foam inserts for a good fit. The 3-inch castors allow good mobility while also supporting the weight of the equipment. The case comes in standard PVC finish plywood panels for a smart, clean look.


Product details

This twin speaker road case is built to house the RCF HDL10-A speakers. The HDL10-A speakers from RCF is designed for live sound reinforcement, as well as, built-in venue installations. It’s standard line array module includes a 1400W Peak Power 2-way digital amplifier and a DSP sound processor.

The case itself is simple, with a partition in the middle. Custom foam inserts are installed on the sides of the compartments to snuggly fit the speakers and provide the shock absorption they need. The speaker has back panel controls that allow a number of optimizations such as 4 cluster configurations, 2 HF settings, an EQ setting for high curved configurations, and an Indoor Correction EQ. There is also a volume knob and several LEDs for monitoring a system. All these knobs and details are considered in the design of the case interior.

Since the speaker has 2 aluminium side handles and a fly bar, our twin speaker road case’ design was meant to have the speaker taken in and out. The main case is made of 18mm and 9mm PVC finish plywood with 3-inch castors for easier handling. Since the speakers are compact, we were also able to create a twin speaker road case that can perfectly accommodate its unique composite cabinet design.

For a better look at the case, please feel free to look at this RCF-HDL10-A-Speaker Road Case Drawing

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