PP Plastic Polypropylene Flight Panel with Honeycomb Core 1.35×0.91M 8MM


Reduce your flight case weight but not compromising on strength and durability by using our PP lightweight flight panal.

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Product details

These lightweight flight panels weigh less than half of that of a plywood panel with the same thickness. They are constructed with 2 layers of polypropylene sheet sandwiched around a honeycomb core. This constrution offer significanly inproved structure stability compared to less expensive coreflute type panels which can be bent and even torn with force.

We offer PP board with honeycomb core at 8mm thickness for small to demium sized cases. The 8MM PP flight panel can be laminated with a colored PVC face to work with 9mm edge extrusions.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 1350 × 910 × 2 cm

1.35*0.91m (W*D)


8mm or 9mm


Gray 8MM, Dimgrey Plain 9MM, Navy Plain 9MM, Azure Plain 9MM, Bumblebee Plain 9MM, Indigo Plain 9MM


A-Bond (Exterior)

Structural Rating