Road/Flight Case for Keyboard

This Custom Piano Road Case is constructed with a 9mm plywood with black PVC finish and secured all together with a 16 single aluminum extrusion that has 1.5mm thickness. This road case is an essential addition to your arsenal. It ensures optimum protection for you piano when you hit the road or during flight.


Product details

Musicians who tour around the world always ensure their equipment and instruments have the best possible protection during flight or on the road. We can design and build your custom keyboard flight/road case that will surely outlive the keyboard it protects.

Our custom piano road/flight case can be built out of either 9mm plywood or PP flight panel which is extra lightweight but still very sturdy. It offers the ultimate hard-shell for a portable keyboard. Its interior is lined with EVA foam, which ultimately protects the instrument from sudden impacts.

This keyboard road/flight case features raised floor in a shallow base so that the keyboard is sitting on the base instead of inside it once the lid is taken off. This allows you to easily grab the keyboard and lift it up. Storage space under the keyboard is created for your accessories including cables and paddles.

The keyboard road case features recessed wheels on one end with recessed handles on the other for effortless mobility.

When you are on a flight or on the road, this road case will keep your expensive instrument safe and secure.


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