Logo and Artwork Engraving


We offer road case branding in the form of color printing your logo or other artwork onto your cases.

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Product details

Engraving on-road case panels using CNC routers and laser engravers enables us to produce great quality images not only on the outside of the road case but also on the interior foam and wood parts.

Engraving on the external case body is generally line based so as not to cause too much damage to the protective PVC laminate cover. The image size will not be limited to a print size like in the case of screen printing, and we can print different artwork and text at different location of the case body without the considerable amount of cost and efforts since everything is digital and the CNC router will do the job once you have files ready.

Engraving on internal foam lining and inserts will further enhance your brand image. When multiple road cases are made and need to be numbered, it is just a matter of changing the numbers in our CAD files as we cut.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm

A3: 297x420MM, A4: 210x297MM