Line Array Speaker Road Case

Armor Road Cases can design and build quality and user-friendly road cases for your line array speakers. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

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Product details

Line array speakers road cases are often made to suit 2 or more speakers to be stacked and locked with pins so that fewer cases are required and more spaces and time can be saved for the busy audio production companies.

Depending on how many speakers are stacked into one case the lid can be a straight forward lift-off lid, or it can be a clamp shell lid if the road case ended up quite high.

When designing for your line array speaker cases we often need to have the speakers here so that we can ensure the fly kit and pins that are sticking out are taken into consideration by designing foam cut out inside the road cases.

We build these line array speaker road cases with E1 grade plywood panels of 9mm or 12mm depending on the size of the speakers. Premium selected Armor hardware or Penn Elcom hardware are available for your choice depending on your preference and budget. We offer 5 years warranty on all cases and we offer competitive prices to audiovisual production companies who need quality road cases from time to time.

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