Lightweight Flight Case with PB600 Pedalboard

This lightweight flight case with pedalboard design is perfect for touring performances. The case is made of flight panels – a very light material that weighs about 40% less than typical road case plywood material. The pedalboard is also built into the design with lift off handles for easy access.


Product details

This lightweight flight case with pedalboard design is a standard creation for all types of touring performance needs. It comes with the PB600 pedalboard – a sturdy addition to make your set-ups more convenient. This particular case is made with flight panels, making it about half lighter than it would be if plywood is used for the main structure.

The built-in pedalboard dimensions are 586W by 368D. It comes with a lift out handle for easier handling. The board is made of 12mm laminated plywood for a robust yet compact structure.

For this flight case with pedalboard internal dimensions, we have 620W by 375D by 165H. Here is a link to a detailed digital drawing of the product: Pedal Board 600 Flight Case

If you fancy other road or flight cases for your touring equipment, you can check out this utility packer trunk case design for large or bulky items. For a more organized storage solution, this clamshell case with pull-out storage might be what you are looking for. It is a popular choice for transporting items in an organized fashion for industries including sports/racing, catering, exhibiting and so on.

If you have a particular design in mind or a specific equipment, we can customise. We also accept requests for use of specific hardware such as Penn Elcom. Give us a call or send us a message so we can discuss further details.

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