Flypack Road Case for ETC ION XE+Fader Wing


A fly-pack lighting console road case simplifies your inventory management, improves work efficiency by saving time and reduce errors, and also promote your professional image. It provides great value for lighting freelancers and lighting production companies.

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Flypack road cases are designed to house different elements and equipment required for a control system in one road case so as to reduce the ongoing time spent on setup and pack-down from event to event. Flypack lighting console road cases are mostly made for smaller sized lighting consoles. These consoles require an external computer and screen to be a complete control system. A fly-pack lighting console is designed to have all these components fit in a road case and connected ready to go. It is a great way of simplifying your inventory management too especially if you are a small to medium lighting production company. We have built road cases for ETC ION XE with Fader Wing and also Chamsys MagicQ PC Wing and Extra Wing with twin Dell P2418HT touch screen monitors, and a Mini PC. This design can be easily applied to consoles from other brands.

A system built in a road case like this will not only reduce the number of loose parts, such as odd accessories floating around in your cable packers thus greatly improves your work efficiency, it also makes a smaller console looks big and expensive.  The system literally works the same as those larger full board lighting consoles that are plug and play once you lift off the lid. This design allows you to adjust the angle of the 2 touch screens to 3 different angles, with 2 pull out drawers at the bottom to store your accessories such as keyboard, mouse, and USB.

You probably didn’t like the standard console case that does not come with castor wheels, because they are so heavy once a 15-20Kg console is put in. That is not the case with these fly-pack lighting consoles. They are on castors making loading in and out the venue quick and easy. Once on location, you can remove a top lid, put the case down, then remove the top side of the clamshell along with the castor board, leaving the other half the clamshell housing you console system.

If you own a MA command wing with fader wing, an Avolites Titan Mobile and Wing, or similar systems from other brands, we can custom design a similar road case for you.  Armor Road Cases takes great pride in the quality of our road cases and will back them with 5 years of warranty with Penn Elcom hardware. Contact us today with the brand and model of your lighting console and touch screens for a competitive quote.



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