Custom Made TV Flypack Road Case

This TV Flypack Road Case provides a hard shell when transporting your video console, cables, and accessories. This is the most practical custom made road case to fit your video game monitors that are rack mounted.


Product details

Are you transporting your video gaming console? This time you can protect your equipment while transporting or attending LAN events with our latest TV Flypack Road Case.

Our TV Flypack Road Case is designed with 9mm thick black PVC laminated plywood held together by durable steel ball corners and aluminum extrusions. The size of the road case can be customised according to your desired measurements and can be divided further into multiple interior rack cases.

Each compartment is lined with 10-20mm of EVA foam and PE foam inserts to make it shockproof and dustproof. We have no control over what can happen during transport but we want to protect our equipment as much as possible. This is why we have created this road case with utmost protection.


  • Material: 9mm PVC laminated plywood
  • Size: Can be customised
  • EVA foam lining
  • Top: 3 x 6RU rack spaces
  • Bottom: 3 x 12RU rack cases

We can tailor the TV Flypack Case for you like this case with a unique hinged flip-up lid to fit 2x Lilliput BM280-4K – 28″ 4K monitors that are rack mounted. It can stand up by itself with an initial push. Thanks to the pair of 15Kg gas springs installed. The gas springs will support the lid in an upward position while the monitors are in use.

On this case, you will also find a hinged working space for keyboards, mice and macro-controllers.  We have also installed 3 x 6RU rack spaces above and 3 x 12RU rack cases at the bottom where you can attach essential data and server racks.

The TV Flypack Road Case provides ultimate defense for your game console plus cables and controllers. It is not only durable and shockproof, but it is also tested to flight safety standards. There is a pull-out drawer under the hinge where you can put your video consoles.

Expect the road case to have  front and rear removable lids making it very practical. We  also use recessed handles for for maximum convenience and usefulness.

Need something a little different for your TV flypack road case? Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your road case specifications so we can give you a quote.


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