Custom Guitar Road Case

A custom guitar road case is an essential addition to any musician and performer’s arsenal. Our road cases are built using 9mm laminated plywood secured together with steel frames and aluminium extrusions for structural strength.


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Do you need a custom guitar road case? We can customise a road case that will house your musical instruments.

Musical instruments are expensive and delicate. They need the right protection when you hit the road or travel by plane. This is the reason why we use high-quality materials to build sturdy, durable, and portable housing like this 5-version guitar road case for our valued clients.

Our custom guitar road cases are made from 9mm laminated plywood in black finish. The whole case is secured with steel frames and aluminium extrusions for maximum durability and structural strength. The image shows a 5-version guitar road case. Each compartment is lined with 10mm EVA foam allowing various guitars to be held in place. The base is made up of rubber to keep the units flat when stood upright.

We designed this guitar road case with a fully removable one-piece lid that provides full access to all guitars. Two large butterfly latches hold the lid securely place as you close the case. We also installed recessed corner castors which allow the unit to be wheeled along.

The design of the road case can be tailored according to your specifications.


  • Material: 9mm laminated plywood
  • Color: Black
  • 10mm EVA foam lining
  • Rubber base
  • 8 large handles
  • 4 butterfly latch
  • 4 Recessed corner castors

Musical instruments can be quite heavy themselves, which is why we designed road cases as portable as they can be. All road cases are lockable to keep your instruments safe from strangers who might get into them.

The handles all around the custom guitar road case are large enough to prevent breakage when wheeling the road case. Need another version of this guitar road case? We can design a road case for musical instruments tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us so we can give you a quote.

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