Compact Audio Mixer Console Road/Flight Case

A straight forward audio mixer console road case with a lift-off lid and shallow base, allowing you to use the console while it sits in the base.

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If you need a good quality custom road case for your expensive audio mixers/consoles, without the need to go for the fancy features of a clamshell or flip-up console cases, this easy to use lift-off lid console will ensure your equipment is protected without breaking the bank.

This road case will have a shallow base so you can leave your audio console in the base while using it. Dog house at the back can be an option, or we can just leave an 800-100mm gap for access and storage. Additional storage can be created underneath the console for the storage of various accessories and devices including Ipads, USB sticks, leads, and your console lamp. Check out a design that we did for a Mackie DC16 digital console road case. The Mackie DC16 control surface has iPad holders for 3 pads. We have designed storage space underneath the console for these Ipads and other accessories.

We build your audio console flip case using premium 9MM or 12MM plywood panels and Penn Elcom hardware. Your company logo and other markings can be engraved onto the road case too with no extra cost. Contact us today with your console brand and model of your audio mixer/console for a competitive quote.

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