CARJET 3B 75mm 3″ Rubber Swivel Castor Braked


Carjet 3B series of castors provide really good grip, amazing traction and a soft ride over rough terrain. They are ultra-quiet, durable, lightweight and easy to mount. Made from rubber. This model has a 75mm wheel diameter with a brake.

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Product details

Carjet 3B series 75mm road case swivel castor features ultra-quiet premium quality artificial rubber tire with heavy-duty ball bearing for 90Kg load capacity. The tires are 32mm thick and travel with no noticeable noise on hard surfaces such as concrete and timber floors. The whole castor has an installed height of 107mm.

Armor Road Cases also stock M8 sized bolts of different lengths, washers, and Tee nuts that are required to install these castors to your road cases. As a standard, we recommend castor wheels to be installed on a castor board cut out of 18mm plywood panels using Tee-nuts. The castor boards are then attached to the road case using longer M8 sized bolts and Tee-nuts. This makes it easier to remove the castor boards in case you need to repair or replace one of the castor wheels.

Note this 75mm/3″ swivel castor comes with break and usually on a road case with 4 castors we recommend 2 with breaks, sometimes all with breaks. The same 75mm swivel castor without break can also be ordered from us.

We put together a list of matching swivel castors and hardware you might need below for your convenience:

Feel free to give us a call when you have any questions and don’t forget to share your finished road case to our Facebook for a 20 dollars credit to be applied to your next order. Happy building.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
Wheel Diameter


Wheel Width


Load Rating




Intalled Height


Dual Brake Radius


Top Plate Size


Hole Spacing


Hole Diameter