Audio Mixer Console Case for Yamaha CL5


An audio mixer console case for Yamaha CL5 with a lift-off lid and four-wheel castors ensures that you can use and move your audio console mixer with ease.

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Product details

A robust and easy to use audio console road case is vital for audio production companies to safely transport their expensive audio mixers such as the Yamaha CL5.

This road case features detachable front and top lid with wheel board. It allows the road case to travel on castors with the console inside standing on its side. This improves work efficiency as only one crew is required to move this case from location to location. Once the console is moved to the op and lid removed, 2 crew members will put down the case with the console inside facing up, remove the cover with wheel board, then lift the bottom case with the console sitting inside onto a desk. The road case has a built-in dog house behind the road case to allow easy cable runs and the console can be operated within the bottom case.

There are plenty of recessed handles, and corner handles we put on this road case to allow ultimate user-friendliness, efficiency and avoidance of muscle strain.

There is an option to add screen printing, logo engraving, and choose your preferred panel colour when you order this audio console road case.

You might have a similar digital console from other brands like Allen & Heath, Digico, etc that requires a similar road case to be built. Please feel free to contact us for a quote. We also offer audio mixing console road cases in the simply lift-off lid design, as well as the more user-friendly flip-up design.

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Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 40 cm