ARMOR Steel Corner Brace Small


This is a 6-hole corner brace that fits a variety of extrusions. It caters to the neatest fit while covering the seams and gaps between groove, tongue and corner extrusions for a professional look.

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Product details

This small steel corner brace is suitable for building flight or road cases out of 6mm plywood panels and smaller hardware because sometimes all you need is a light-duty case that you can easily move around. Salespersons and musicians might need to travel with product samples or instruments around the country to meet customers or attend shows. They will not want the upheaval of lifting a heavy road case made of 9 or 12mm plywood panels and the cases are traveling with them in the back of the car or a plane.

However, if you do plan to ship the cases via couriers in trucks, not under your control, then you should consider a more sturdy road case build of 9mm or 12mm plywood panels.

If you are not sure which other materials and hardware that will normally go with such a light-duty case here is a list of them for your convenience:

The small corner brace is made of 1.2mm 18 gauge steel to offer great protection against impact and bumps in a car or a plane.  We love to see your finished case and please share your finished road case to our Facebook and we will record a 20 dollars discount for your next purchase. Consider that as a few coffees from us to help you keep building at home.

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Steel w/ Blue Zinc Finish

Mounting Holes