ARMOR C3221C-22 Small Flat Steel Corner 22MM Offset Chrome


This small flat corner caters to the neatest fit with extrusions while covering the joint and seams between them for a professional look. Made from steel with a zinc finish.

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Product details

We currently offer 2 road case flat corners to customers who build their own cases. This is the smaller version and is suitable for small and light-duty cases with smaller hardware. Usually, you will be building a case with 6mm plywood panels, and intend to travel this with you such as in your car or on a plane.

If you might be shipping the case via a courier and transporting it in a truck we recommend you build your road case with 9mm or 12mm plywood panels and medium to large-sized flat corners and other hardware.

However, there is nothing wrong with travel cases build of 6mm plywood panels and smaller hardware like this one if all you need is a light-duty case that you can easily pull around. We do offer a small ball corner as an alternative for such protective cases. In case you are not sure which other hardware and materials you will need to make your case, here is a list for your convenience:

This small flat corner for road case has 22mm offsets that allow it to hug the above mentioned single angled extrusions seamlessly. It has 3 rivet holes which make it faster to finish building your light duty protective case at home.

If you are building a road case with corner casters and pull out handles we have them in stock too. Feel free to contact us with any questions and don’t forget to share your finished case to our Facebook to claim your 20 dollars discount for your next project.

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

1.0mm / 16 Gauge Steel

Mounting Holes


Offset to Suit Extrusions