ARMOR C3201 3-Legged 6 Hole Large Flat Corner Chrome


This is a heavy-duty three-legged aluminum flat corner with offsets for edge extrusions up to 30mm high. It caters to the neatest fit with extrusions while covering the joint and seams between them for a professional look.

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Product details

Flat steel corners are ideal if you need to keep your road case as compact as possible, or you simply prefer the more streamlined look. This large-sized flat corner is made of 1.2mm 18 gauge steel so that it can offer great protection to your road case since corners play a vital role when it comes to impact in transit or accidental falls.

This flat corner features 6 of 5mm rivets holes and offsets of 30mm to ensure it securely hugs the box corner and is able to distribute external forces more evenly to minimize damages to the plywood panels of your road case. After all, road case hardware such as corners are easy and economical to replace but damaged panels will be a lot more expensive to do so.

Such flat corners are commonly used for on your road case made of 9mm or 12mm plywood panels. You may look at the different ball corners that we have on offer in our store if you prefer those and there is no question that ball corners are better at absorbing impact than flat corners. If you are building a much smaller and light duty road case you can go for the smaller sized flat corner in our store.

When buying from Armor Road Case, you can rest assured that we only supply you selected hardware that we use on our road cases. We are also doing our best to provide you with the most accurate descriptions. If you have any questions regarding road case hardware and materials feel free to give us a call.

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Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

1.0mm / 16 Gauge Steel

Mounting Holes


Offset to Suit Extrusions