ARMOR C3102M Large Ball Corner with Offset Matt


This is a heavy-duty three-legged aluminium ball corner with a female stacking. It covers the joint and seams between the extrusions. Made from steel with matt chrome.

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Product details

Road Case ball corners cover the joint and seams between edged extrusions while protecting the road case from the usual bumps and sometimes harsh crashes. Finished in matt chrome, this corner is made of 1.4mm 16 gauge steel allowing to stay intact while experiencing forceful impacts. It also features 30mm offsets allowing it to align seamlessly against the 30x30mm single-edged extrusions that we also offer.

This ball corner features 6 mounting holes of 5mm diameter. This allows it to better distribute the force from impact to minimize damage to the plywood panels and overall structure of the road case. In case of a very forceful impact such as falling from truck or forklift, a strong ball corner such as this one will save the case by not budging easily. Some ball corners that are made of thinner steel will easily get flatten before stopping the external force to do great damage to the rest of the road case body. The cost of repair will be very high if the panels are damaged.

If you choose to build your road case with matt chrome hardware, the below list can be very helpful in putting together your order.

Do share some pictures on our Facebook page when you finish your case. We will be excited to see it’s done and will record a 20 dollars discount on your next order.


Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

1.4mm / 16 Gauge Steel

Mounting Holes


Offset to Suit Extrusions