ARMOR Corner Brace Zinc Chrome Plated Large


This is a 6-hole corner brace that fits a variety of extrusions. It caters for the most neat fit, while covering the seams and gaps between groove, tongue and corner extrusions for a professional look. Made from steel with zinc finish.

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Product details

Road case corner braces secure the flight case panels together and keep edges reinforced. This is a large corner brace with 6 mounting holes and is made of 1.2mm 18 gauge steel.

As you may have noticed, we currently offer hardware in both chrome plated and matt chrome finish. Both are carefully selected from reliable manufacturers and we use these on the road cases we build for customers. Chrome-plated types are a little less expensive not because they are of lower quality but that Zinc plating is more economical. This corner brace is in the chrome-plated category and below is a list of chrome-plated hardware that you may order to achieve a uniformed look.

With this medium or large-sized hardware, you will probably be building with 9mm or 12mm laminated plywood panels as a general rule. Provided with good craftsmanship, the result should be a very sturdy case that will last many years in the back of a truck.

If you prefer the matt chrome look, you can choose to order the large corner brace in matt chrome finish.

Please do share your case to our Facebook page and ask us questions you may have while working on your case. We will buy you a few coffees by crediting your next order with 20 bucks.


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Steel w/ Zinc Finish

Mounting Holes