Hardware And Materials

Are you planning to build a road case youself but struggle to find a supplier for parts? You can buy all the materials you need from Armor Cases.

Armor cases stock a wide range of road case hardware, plywood panels and foam of different specifications. We sell these part to both Sydney local and interstate customers who are keen to buid their own cases.

The hardware and parts we carry are carefully choosen and tested to be used on road cases that we make for our customers. For example our ball corners are made of guage steel that is 1.4-1.5mm thick and our aluminium extrusions are 1.2mm thick or better. For castors, we stock Carjet which is widely recognised by other road case manufacturers who value quality. We use marine grade plywood panels with a PVC laminate that is 1mm thick. Such quality panels offer superior strength to combat impact and stable performance in harsh weather conditions. Our EVA foam sheets are graded A plus making it very heavy duty against wear and tear.

We offer cutting service for plywood, foam and aluminium extrusions. We use CNC to produce precise and efficient cutting so can enjoy the process of putting together your road case without the headache, noise and dusk of cutting them at home.

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