Medical Equipment Road Case

Medical Equipment Road Case

Safeguard your expensive medical instruments with our carefully crafted, highly personalized and resilient custom medical equipment road cases.
Made of only the best and sturdiest materials, our custom road cases are designed to provide maximum support and protection. We design configurations that provide the best accessibility and ease-of-use.
We at Armor Cases understand that every customer’s needs are different. Take a look at some of our creations

Medical Road Case with Built-in Ramp

A lot of medical instrument travel on a cart or wheels for easy mobility around hospital rooms. Some of these equipment are so expensive that hospitals will hire them from a medical equipment supplier when they are needed. Transporting such equipment to and from hospitals safely is vitally important since the cost of repair resulting from the ongoing vibrations on the road will be very high and also resulting in revenue loss if a unit is out of service. Armor Road Cases put in a lot of effort into the design of such road cases to ensure they offer the best protection possible to the instruments while being user friendly. These road cases often come with a built-in ramp with guide rails on both sides of the ramp to prevent the cart from falling off the ramp. We use an 18mm E1 grade plywood panel to build the ramp with stainless steel extending lip at the end so that pushing your medical cart onto the ramp requires little effort.

medical case with ramp 3
road case with split lid dm9600 4

Medical Road Case with Split Lid

There are other medical instruments that are quite heavy but does not come with wheels. These equipment also need to travel between hospitals and sometimes handling these large and heavy equipment by one person is needed. We offer to build road cases with a shallow base and split lid, sometimes called a clamshell lid, as a solution to customers who hire these to hospitals. The split lid is designed to make removing the lid a one-person operation. It is unevenly split so one can remove the small part of the lid first without worrying the other half might be knocked over by accident. Internal foam cutouts are designed to protect such instruments from impact and excessive vibrations on the busy road.

Light-weight Medical Road Cases with Custom Foam Cut-outs

There is another type of medical equipment road cases that are needed to store lots of small items and stay organized. Such medical road cases often travel in the back of a car and handled by one salesperson or medical expert so the total weight is quite important to reduce strain. Armor Road Cases are experienced in designing this type of light-weight cases with internal foam cutouts to keep everything organized. These cases are often made of light-weight 6mm plywood with small surface mount hardware and come with corner casters and a pull-out handle. We can produce accurate 2D cutting of holes of any shape to house various small items safely in place. Layers of trays can be designed to ensure instruments are kept organized within the road case.

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Built to Last

5 Years Warranty on All Cases. Armor is committed to producing only the highest quality road cases. Our cases are expertly designed and carefully made to pass all performance standards to ensure the safety of all your important belongings.

Custom Design Development

We design our cases with one thing in mind – your overall satisfaction. We collect all valuable information, create a design and present to you a 3D CAD preview of the product before proceeding to production.

High Precision Manufacturing and Production

Our trusted craftsmen follow a streamlined manufacturing process to translate your approved design to a road case masterpiece. The 3D preview serves as the basis for all cuttings for workshop up to the final completion of the product.

If you are on the market for a carefully designed and custom made medical equipment road case, we would love to hear from you. We back our cases with 5 years warranty. We are happy to come to you to look at the instrument and discuss the details with you. We can sign a legal document to be responsible for any damages or loss of your instrument when they are with us for designing and fitting purpose.