Custom Road Cases for TV Monitors and Displays

TV Road Cases

Safeguard your valuable audio visual monitors and displays with our carefully crafted, highly personalized and resilient TV custom road cases.
Made of only the best and sturdiest materials, our custom road cases are designed to provide maximum support and protection. We design configurations that provide the best accessibility and ease-of-use.
We at Armor Cases understand that every customer’s needs are different. Take a look at some of our creations.

TV Case with Lift-Off Lid

This is the most widely used custom road cases configuration for TV screens of all sizes. It is a standard lift-off lid design wherein you gain access by detaching the top portion of the case. By putting two screens into one road case you have a road case that is not too narrow to be easily knocked over, and still fall in the preferred 600mm size for truck loading. It is space efficient and also cost effective considering good road cases aren’t cheap.

The TV road case is made with premium quality handles, latches and aluminium extrusions. What makes this design unique apart from the twin monitor set-up is the flush latches – a feature that significantly minimizes the possibility of damage caused by collision with other objects during transport. Moreover, we used heavy duty Carjet 4” casters that have been proven to be durable, quiet and sturdy.

twin 75inches tv case 1

TV Case with Split Lid

Also known as ‘Clam Shell TV cases’, this design is often applied on custom road cases housing large sized screens. The split lid means the lid can be removed in two steps, one half at a time. Split lid enables one man operation because large lids usually requires two persons to lift it up before accessing the TV screens inside. This design increases work efficiency and reduces risk of injury relating to handling large items.

You can choose to have individual cases built, or two-in-one just like the above example. We can also add additional compartments for accessories just like the other TV cases for smaller parts and equipment you would like to include. Rest assured we only use the most suitable materials for your approved design.

TV Case with Built-in Electric Lift

Wouldn’t it be great if the screens can just pop up from your road case when it is on site? It is so much work to lift large TV display panels out of a road case and then set it up on truss stand. It is especially true for sales people whose job is to demonstrate products/services to clients on a large smart display.

This road case with built in motorised lift is the answer to sales professionals who wish to focus on what they do best while increase efficiency and improve customer experience for your company as a whole. The entire system is plug and play. With just a single click on your wireless remote, the lift moves the display panel up and down smoothly and securely in the road case.

The road case has a rear access door for power and maintenance purposes. This makes this type of custom road cases very practical in design without sacrificing its quality and durability.

Motorised TV Case - Armor Custom Road Cases
TV Case with Adjustable dividers- Armor Custom Road Cases

TV Case with Adjustable Dividers

If you need a case that can house different monitor sizes, this design is the best option. The end dividers are adjustable in order to snuggly fit TVs of different lengths. If you anticipate transporting only a few equipment at a time, this all-around TV road case is very suitable. We can also design it to house two or three monitors in one case. One case can securely transport all of your monitors without a problem.

TV monitors and displays come in many shapes and sizes. We at Armor Cases recognize the dilemma of ensuring the safety of these valuable equipment. Our design engineers are equipped to design custom road cases based on your needs and preferences.
Get in touch and let us help you secure your TV’s and monitors.

Built to Last

5 Years Warranty on All Cases. Armor is committed to producing only the highest quality road cases. Our cases are expertly designed and carefully made to pass all performance standards to ensure the safety of all your important belongings.

Custom Design Development

We design our cases with one thing in mind – your overall satisfaction. We collect all valuable information, create a design and present to you a 3D CAD preview of the product before proceeding to production.

High Precision Manufacturing and Production

Our trusted craftsmen follow a streamlined manufacturing process to translate your approved design to a road case masterpiece. The 3D preview serves as the basis for all cuttings for workshop up to the final completion of the product.

Don’t take any risks when moving TV monitors and display panels. Order durable custom TV road cases from Armor Cases and get a five year warranty on all products. Contact us about the display screens you need to transport.