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Custom Road Case for Chamsys PC Wing and Fader Wing

Case for PC Wing with split lid

Another noteworthy road case built by Armor Road Cases is the fully customized case designed for our client – ‘Home Is Where The Smart Is”. Our client has an expertise to recommend the best products to automate the users’ homes at an affordable cost. They wanted a case which could hold the PC Wing and the Fader Wing along with 2 touch screens (24” each). Armor’s expert designers have created a distinctive road case to house the PC Wing, Fader Wing and the 2 touch screens.

The Chamsys PC Wing is a powerful USB wing to connect to your PC or Mac to control lighting, videos and LEDs with the help of PC software. It is ideal for use by lighting designers on tour or for installation in theatres, clubs and event venues. The compact Fader Wing offers flexible playback options for the lighting console.

Unique design with retractable panel

The case has a split lid. The lid gets detached from the case at the time of using the PC Wing.  It is easy to use at the location. You can remove the top lid, place the case down, then remove the upper half of the case with the lower half housing the console system. The case features retractable panel which enables using the touch screens at 3 different angles. There is a provision of two pull-out drawers which gives storage space for accessories such as keyboard, mouse and USB. 

The interior of the case has a 5-10mm EVA foam lining. PE foam inserts have been integrated in the case to ensure the contents are safe and stay protected from breakage and scratches. We have used chrome dipped quality aluminum extrusions and braces, thereby ensuring a strong and sturdy transport case. Also, 4 heavy duty 3.5” carjet castors have been added to the case for smooth navigation.

Strong and secured case

The entire case has been made of 9mm laminated black plywood panel with honeycomb pattern. We have provided 6 corner handles for convenient handling of the split lid and the two parts of the road case. 2 medium recessed handles on each side of the case have been placed for easy movement on the road. To keep the two parts of the case and the split lid securely latched, 6 latches have been incorporated in the design of the case.   

In case you have similar requirement of a unique road transport case which needs to be customized, please contact us; we will be happy to help you.