Custom Pedal Board Case for Schmidtarray
By: Shilpi Arora 09/05/2021 0 Comment.

Custom PedalBoard Case for Schmidtarray

Musical equipment helps make the lives of entertainers in the music industry easy. Transporting musical equipment like the Schmidtarray pedal boards sa750xdm requires a custom Pedalboard case for adequate transportation and protection.

Custom Pedal Board Case for Schmidtarray

We designed the Pedal Board case to feature a lift-off lid, ensuring that the musical instrument can be easily accessed and removed from the custom case. The honeycomb-designed music equipment road case was built with excellent quality plywood, which was well polished and laminated.

Custom Pedal Board Case for Schmidtarray

The case also features an internal foam lining which ensures that the musical equipment is protected from scratches or cracking during handling, storing, or moving the Pedal Board Case.

If you need a similar transport case or your pedalboard or any other use (musical, medical, exhibition, etc.) Don’t hesitate to contact us; we will be willing to assist you.

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