custom built transport case
By: Alan Song 03/01/2021 0 Comment.

Custom Built Transport Case for Unplugged TV Show

We are glad to announce our custom built transport case for Unplugged TV Show as requested by our client OMGXP.  OMGXP is one of Australia’s leading companies in the gift and event industry, and they asked that we design 26 custom transport cases, and that is what we delivered.

The custom designed transport cases were all built by high-quality plywood material, making the cases both lightweight and robust. Its exterior is also integrated with aluminum extrusion on its edges to ensure that the cases are sturdy and lasts long.

custom built transport case

Each of the custom designed flight cases has its interior fitted with custom cut foam inserts. These foam inserts ensure that the contents won’t be scratched or cracked while moving the case and its content.

Also, in line with our client’s need, the case was designed with a hinged lid, which allows our client easy access to deposit or remove the cases contents with ease and without fear of breakage or scratch. The custom built transport case also features a pull-out handle on its sides and two wheels, enhancing mobility with minimum stress.

custom built transport case

All 26 custom built transport cases all featured custom full-color logo printing as requested by our client, and our job was well appreciated. Do you need a similar custom built road case for whatever use? Contact us today, and we will help you achieve that goal.