church av storage case
10/06/2020 0 Comment.

AV Storage Case Lake Side Bible Church

The Lakeside Christian Church is a non-profit evangelical church that is committed to teaching a lifestyle out of the Bible. Their style is centered on Christ, based on grace and focuses on learning application. They maintain an AV system for their services whether on site or off-site. We were asked...
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touring wardrobe road case
19/03/2020 0 Comment.

Touring Wardrobe Costume Road Case for the Wiggles

The Wiggles needs no introductions to Australians and they have been busy with tours all around the country. As you may already know they use quite a lot of costume and clothing for their shows and have recently asked Armor Road Cases to build 3 touring wardrobe road cases for...
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01/03/2020 0 Comment.

2 Door Road Case for Processors and Radio Receivers

We introduce this unique 2 door road case for Highlight Entertainment. We designed this road case to perfectly suit processors, radio receivers and other standard rack unit less than 3U. The internal dimension is 19in/483mm wide x 350mm deep or 3U of useable space to hold the valuable equipments of...
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09/10/2019 0 Comment.

Road Case For The Petra Race Runner Tricycle

This is a custom-made road case for housing the Petra 300 Race Runner tricycle. The Racerunner has a dimension of 780 x 1.56m (W x H). The case was constructed out of thick 6mm laminated plywood in black. It features 10mm EVA foam lining and top opening door accomplished with...
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cable packer lift out trays6
26/03/2019 0 Comment.

5-Compartment Road Case for Cable Storage

This is a heavy-duty road case for Monkey Baa Theatre Company for cable packing. Cable organising and transferring can be a frustrating task when you don’t have the correct space to work with. That’s why we created this case with many compartments for convenient storage. This road case is made...
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Road Case with Pull out handle 3
08/02/2019 0 Comment.

Road/Flight Case for Tablet/Ipads with Pull Out Handle

This case was built for Gymnastic NSW for them to travel with 20 tablets in the case. The case features 20 slots in EVA foam with carpet finish on top. A 2 stop surface mount Penn Elcom H2001 pull out handle and recessed castors on the other end of the...
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product transport case
17/10/2018 0 Comment.


We had the opportunity to build 3 custom transport cases for AFS recently. These cases will be used to ship their display products to trade shows, etc, around Australia. 9MM Plywood is used for best protection and heavy duty since they are often handled by couriers.
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