RodeCaster Pro Console Case
13/06/2020 0 Comment.

Mini Console Case for MilkMoney.TV

This road case project was for MilkMoney.TV – a global creative production company responsible for hundreds of TVCs, VR, AR, social, long-form and content all across the entertainment industry. They wanted us to design and create a mini console case for their RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Studio console. This was...
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audio workstation road case
10/06/2020 0 Comment.

Audio Workstation Case for His Glory Nepali Church

Church audio technicians primarily manage a church’s audio equipment. Our client Padum Pun from His Glory Nepali Church, requested an audio workstation case for his church to store their equipment in a sturdy, well-built road case that can be used for travelling when needed. Since technicians are in charge of...
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fusion par xii road case
19/05/2020 0 Comment.

ShowTech Fusion PAR Road Case for Bunjil Place

Many of you already know Bunjil Place is the Home of Arts and Entertainment in Casey. Recently they have ordered a road case to house 12 of Showpro Fusion BAR for their events. This one is another road case they have purchased from us to house 10 of Showtech Showpro Fusion PAR...
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led bar road case
19/05/2020 0 Comment.

Showpro Fusion BAR Lighting Road Case for Casey Bunjil Place

Bunjil Place is the home of arts and entertainment in Casey with lots of surprises happening after dark such as many gigs, art displays, and festivals. Recently they have contacted Armor Cases to make a custom-made lighting road case for 12 of Showpro Fusion BAR for their events. Since lighting...
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rack mount 4ru drawer
19/03/2020 0 Comment.

AV Workstation Road Case for Arden

Arden Anglican School recently contacted Armor Road Case for a custom workstation road case to house their Yamaha TF3 digital mixer and a small lighting console side by side, while having storage room including drawers and shelvings underneath. The road case needs to be moved from the storage room and...
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01/03/2020 0 Comment.

4U Road Case for Power Distributor with Front and Rear Access

We present to you this unique road case for Highlight Entertainment. We designed this road case to provide a practical storage solution for their power distributor. Power distributors are precious possessions for performers that is why we used high-quality materials to come up with a sturdy enclosure that helps our...
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roadcase agb projector 2
09/10/2019 0 Comment.

Road Case For The Panasonic PT-RZ660 Projector

This is a custom-built road case for the Panasonic PT-RZ660 projector. The dimension of the unit is approximately 1150W*600D We utilized 9mm laminated plywood in black, including 10mm EVA/PE foam lining for the main case compartment. EVA foam acts as a stabilizer, securing the unit firmly in place. The case...
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dj case with laptop tray5
15/03/2019 0 Comment.

Road Case for Numark Mixdeck Express DJ Controller

This heavy-duty road case is for L. Hannon, for his Numark Mixdeck Express DJ Controller. It is robust, made of plywood with black PVC finish and aluminum extrusion for good strength, plus the inside is lined with EVA foam. The case has a fold-out shelf on the top that the...
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Rack case with console 2
08/02/2019 0 Comment.

Rack Case with Audio Mixer and Rear Access Door

This case was built for Embassy of P.R.C in Canberra for their newly purchased audio equipment including a 19" mixer and 2 Shure BLX4 wireless receivers. The case is built with 9mm plywood with lift off lid and front removable lid. The mixer is mounted in the upper partition at...
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