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Custom TV Road Case Clamshell Style for Suwito

We introduce to you our custom TV Road Case Clamshell Style for single 82” TV with fixed end divider for Suwito. The clamshell case also known as split lid design is very convenient because the two lids can simply open up exposing the content inside. This facilitates easy handling, especially...
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IPF657011 single tv road case with lift
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Custom Road Case for 65″ TV with Built-In Electric Lift

With utmost pleasure, we present to you a custom road case built for Viewsonic Australia. This road case is intricately designed to secure their commercial panel 65” IPF6570 while in transit. The The ViewSonic IFP6570 is a modern touch screen television with a flat glass plate. That is why extraordinary...
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Custom Road Case for Twin 65″ Television

We present to you a personalized TV Road Case for twin 65-inch television. We have used top class quality to ultimately produce a durable frame for this road case. It is developed with 9mm laminated plywood in black finish. It comes with 10mm EVA foam interior lining to protect the...
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roadcase agb projector 2
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Road Case For The Panasonic PT-RZ660 Projector

This is a custom-built road case for the Panasonic PT-RZ660 projector. The dimension of the unit is approximately 1150W*600D We utilized 9mm laminated plywood in black, including 10mm EVA/PE foam lining for the main case compartment. EVA foam acts as a stabilizer, securing the unit firmly in place. The case...
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Road Case For The Petra Race Runner Tricycle

This is a custom-made road case for housing the Petra 300 Race Runner tricycle. The Racerunner has a dimension of 780 x 1.56m (W x H). The case was constructed out of thick 6mm laminated plywood in black. It features 10mm EVA foam lining and top opening door accomplished with...
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roadcase Scherer01 2
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Schréder Lighting Pole Road Case

We present to you a custom-built road case designed for housing and transporting the Schreder Shuffle lighting pole. The Shuffle lighting pole weighs approximately 45KG. Its dimensions are 1270 x 500 x 500 (W x D x H). The purpose of the road case is transporting and housing the lighting...
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roadcase dell display on stand 2
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Dell Monitor Display Road Case

Our client, an operator in the events industry, commissioned a road case to house the Dell 43″ Ultra HD monitor with stand. Approximate Internal dimensions of the case are 1735 x 939 x 1781mm (W x D x H). The road case was constructed out of 12MM laminated plywood in...
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roadcase parra council4
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Utility Road Case with 5 Drawers & Door Pockets

These are heavy-duty utility road cases built for the events team of NSW Parramatta City Council. The dimensions are 810 x 1150 x 1900 (W x D x H). This work order comprised of two cases of a similar but slightly different design. Versatility was a major requirement for this...
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cable packer lift out trays6
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5-Compartment Road Case for Cable Storage

This is a heavy-duty road case for Monkey Baa Theatre Company for cable packing. Cable organising and transferring can be a frustrating task when you don’t have the correct space to work with. That’s why we created this case with many compartments for convenient storage. This road case is made...
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road cases for speaker display 1
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Road Case for Genesis Interactive Speakers Display

This is a custom road case for Interactive Speakers for Genesis Retail Displays. The exterior of it is made of 9mm thick black PVC coated plywood and extra strength was given with aluminium extrusion. The interior of the case is lined with 10mm wide EVA foam. Four castors where installed...
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