Medical-Carry-Case-BiPolarExt4 (1)
15/08/2020 0 Comment.

Medical Instrument Carry Cases with Foam Insert for Karl Storz

One of our most trusted clients by name Karl Storz has requested for two medical instrument carry cases with customization. Karl Storz, founded in 1945, is a top name in the production of industrial endoscopy, human medicine, and veterinary medicine, and other similar fields. They utilize their endoscopy expertise to...
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27/06/2020 0 Comment.

Two Bay Bench Road Cases for NEP Australia

NEP Australia is a leading name in the broadcasting industry with extensive networks in venue, broadcasters and crews across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Their core mission, which is to bring their client’s content to life on any platform, utilizes all the company’s manpower, expertise, and production resources setting both Australian and...
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TC300 Custom Carry Case1
21/06/2020 0 Comment.

Lightweight Medical Carry Case for Karl Storz

Karl Storz is a popular name in the medical field as a leading global manufacturer and distributor of medical instruments, endoscopes and devices. They have asked us to manufacture a lightweight medical carry case for their TC300 medical equipment plus its accessories. The road case is very compact and simple....
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RodeCaster Pro Console Case
13/06/2020 0 Comment.

Mini Console Case for MilkMoney.TV

This road case project was for MilkMoney.TV – a global creative production company responsible for hundreds of TVCs, VR, AR, social, long-form and content all across the entertainment industry. They wanted us to design and create a mini console case for their RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Studio console. This was...
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flight case for AFTRS gemini litepanel road case
10/06/2020 0 Comment.

Flight Case for AFTRS New Gemini 2×1 Softlight Panels

The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) is known for empowering the Australian storytelling talent since its inception in 1973. The flight case for AFTRS is meant to house their newly-bought Gemini softlight panels. From its name, it is a national film, television and radio school committed to nurturing...
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road case with built in ramp
19/05/2020 0 Comment.

Bespoke Case with Ramp for Medtronic’s Medical Carts

Medtronic is a medical equipment manufacturer founded back in 1949 and is an expert in developing devices including implantable mechanical devices, drug and biologic delivery devices, and powered and advanced energy surgical instruments. They recently contacted our partner Transtage to design a road case with a built-in ramp to transport their...
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fusion par xii road case
19/05/2020 0 Comment.

ShowTech Fusion PAR Road Case for Bunjil Place

Many of you already know Bunjil Place is the Home of Arts and Entertainment in Casey. Recently they have ordered a road case to house 12 of Showpro Fusion BAR for their events. This one is another road case they have purchased from us to house 10 of Showtech Showpro Fusion PAR...
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led bar road case
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Showpro Fusion BAR Lighting Road Case for Casey Bunjil Place

Bunjil Place is the home of arts and entertainment in Casey with lots of surprises happening after dark such as many gigs, art displays, and festivals. Recently they have contacted Armor Cases to make a custom-made lighting road case for 12 of Showpro Fusion BAR for their events. Since lighting...
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touring wardrobe road case
19/03/2020 0 Comment.

Touring Wardrobe Costume Road Case for the Wiggles

The Wiggles needs no introductions to Australians and they have been busy with tours all around the country. As you may already know they use quite a lot of costume and clothing for their shows and have recently asked Armor Road Cases to build 3 touring wardrobe road cases for...
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rack mount 4ru drawer
19/03/2020 0 Comment.

AV Workstation Road Case for Arden

Arden Anglican School recently contacted Armor Road Case for a custom workstation road case to house their Yamaha TF3 digital mixer and a small lighting console side by side, while having storage room including drawers and shelvings underneath. The road case needs to be moved from the storage room and...
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