Custom Pedal Board Case for Schmidtarray
09/05/2021 0 Comment.

Custom PedalBoard Case for Schmidtarray

Musical equipment helps make the lives of entertainers in the music industry easy. Transporting musical equipment like the Schmidtarray pedal boards sa750xdm requires a custom Pedalboard case for adequate transportation and protection. We designed the Pedal Board case to feature a lift-off lid, ensuring that the musical instrument can be...
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pedal board case
03/01/2021 0 Comment.

Custom Built Guitar Amp and Pedal Board Flight Cases

Armor Cases is proud to announce the newly completed custom built Guitar Amp and Pedal Board Flight Cases for our client Tamas Molnar. Our client, a musician, needs these custom transport cases for easy handling and movement of his musical equipment. We are familiar with and have previously built these...
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pedal board road case
13/09/2020 0 Comment.

Road Case for 660mm Pedal Board

We are excited to present you with our newly designed custom road case for 660mm Pedal Board. The Pedal Board is interesting musical equipment for the music industry, and we designed a custom carry case for a 660mm sized Pedal Board. The customized musical equipment transport case was built with...
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