road case with built in ramp
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Bespoke Case with Ramp for Medtronic’s Medical Carts

Medtronic is a medical equipment manufacturer founded back in 1949 and is an expert in developing devices including implantable mechanical devices, drug and biologic delivery devices, and powered and advanced energy surgical instruments. They recently contacted our partner Transtage to design a road case with a built-in ramp to transport their...
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Case with built-in ramp sample - Armor Cases
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Custom Road Case for Medical Equipment with Built-in Ramp

We present to you a custom made road case built for MHCG for one of their wheeled medical equipment. We have used high quality materials to create this road case.  We used 9MM plywood with black PVC finish to qualify it for ground shipping. It comes with hinged lid and...
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road case medical AriettaP 1
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Hitachi Arietta Medical Diagnostic System Road Case

We present to you a road case built for the Arietta 65 Diagnostic Ultrasound system by Hitachi and accessories. Approximate internal dimensions of the unit are 600W*820D*1620H(mm). The Arietta 65 is relatively tall equipment, heavy too; therefore, there was the need for seamless roll-on, roll-off, necessitating the inclusion of a...
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roadcase dell display on stand 2
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Dell Monitor Display Road Case

Our client, an operator in the events industry, commissioned a road case to house the Dell 43″ Ultra HD monitor with stand. Approximate Internal dimensions of the case are 1735 x 939 x 1781mm (W x D x H). The road case was constructed out of 12MM laminated plywood in...
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roadcase carrier40 2
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PC Locs Carrier 40 Road Case with Built-in Ramp

The PC Locs Carrier 40 is a mobile device charging station designed to contain and charge laptops, tablets, iPad and a wide assortment of devices, sometimes while on the move. The Carrier 40 stands one metre tall, half a metre wide, and weighs a significant 75KG. It is ambulated by...
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Road Case w/ Built-In Ramp for Hologic

This is a made to order road case for Hologic’s medical equipment. Its interior dimensions are 710 x 910 x 845mm (W x D x H). This case is made out of 9mm thick plywood laminated with a black finish and insulated with 5mm of EVA foam on the lid...
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road cases for gymnastic air mat 2
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Heavy-Duty Road Case for Gymnastic Air Floor

This is a road case for NSW Gymnastic for their Gymnastic Air Floor. This case is going to carry a lot of weight (appx. 180kg) so our main goal was for it to have good structural integrity. Thus, we used 12mm broad plywood with black PVC finish for the lid...
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medical case with ramp 4
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Medical Transport Case with Built-in Ramp

Here is another road case we built for B.Braun to transport their expensive instrument Orthopilot between warehouse and hospitals. The Orthopilot comes with a flip down screen with adjustable height, as well as wheels for easy handling. The customer requires minimum movement of the instrument within the road case while...
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road case with ramp1
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Road Case with Built In Ramp for Mobile Coffee Machine Display Unit

This road case was built for transporting a mobile coffee display unit to and from exhibitions. The case is built with 12mm plywood with 18mm reinforcement frame internally to keep it sturdy and square. 10mm and 10mm EVA foam are used for interior lining. The built in ramp comes with...
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road case with ramp 1 1
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Workhouse is a Sydney based specialist communications agency with over 20 years experience in creating communication solutions that achieve client marketing objectives cost effectively. Workhouse requires a road case to be built with ramp access for their mobile computer station to be transported around the country. After reviewing examples of...
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