10ru rack case
14/09/2020 0 Comment.

10RU Rack Case for PhotoBooth

We want to introduce our newly built designed custom 10RU Rack Case for PhotoBooth. This custom transport case was designed by considering the transportation need of photo vendors. The custom-designed 10RU rack case materials consist of plywood, aluminium and a nicely cut foam to provide excellent protection for its content...
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8ru road case
19/05/2020 0 Comment.

8RU Rack Case for E-Security

Electronic Security Technologies is a boutique security technologies provider based in Newcastle, NSW. They’ve been directly servicing many areas in NSW with CCTV, alarms, and access controls. They have contacted Armor Cases to build 5 x 8RU cases to individually secure their electronic security equipment in transit. We’ve built a...
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03/03/2020 0 Comment.

Drawer Road Case with Door Pocket for Highlight

Highlight Entertainment is a Sydney based AV production company with a strong focus on corporate events and concert lighting productions. Recently the company has decided to purchase some drawer road cases to better service their production crew and further improve inventory management of items such as tools, consumables, and accessories....
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rack drawer road case
29/02/2020 0 Comment.

Custom 5-Rack Drawer Road Case for The Wiggles

rack We introduce to you our custom made 5-rack drawer road case for The Wiggles. This 5-rack drawer road case was made from 9mm laminated plywood with black PVC finish. We designed this road case to provide a practical storage solution for smaller tools. A rack drawer road case provides a secure enclosure for...
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dj case with laptop tray5
15/03/2019 0 Comment.

Road Case for Numark Mixdeck Express DJ Controller

This heavy-duty road case is for L. Hannon, for his Numark Mixdeck Express DJ Controller. It is robust, made of plywood with black PVC finish and aluminum extrusion for good strength, plus the inside is lined with EVA foam. The case has a fold-out shelf on the top that the...
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flypack road case 1
13/03/2019 0 Comment.

TV Flypack Road Case

E-sports organiser and production company ESL Gaming Australia asked us to create a custom road case/ TV flypack for their equipment. We created a heavy duty case (1500mm W*600mm D*1100mm H) out of a 9mm thick black PVC laminated plywood, which was strengthened with steel ball corners and aluminium extrusion. The...
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Rack case with console 2
08/02/2019 0 Comment.

Rack Case with Audio Mixer and Rear Access Door

This case was built for Embassy of P.R.C in Canberra for their newly purchased audio equipment including a 19" mixer and 2 Shure BLX4 wireless receivers. The case is built with 9mm plywood with lift off lid and front removable lid. The mixer is mounted in the upper partition at...
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flotation rack case 1 1
17/10/2018 0 Comment.


This flotation rack case for AGB events features our premium hardware and castors. EVA20MM foam is used in between external and internal box for shock absorption. The case is made to be within 600mm to be truck friendly. Double angle extrusions are used for the internal box for better structural...
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