magicq pc wing flight case
11/10/2020 0 Comment.

Chamsys MagicQ PC Wing Flight Case for JL Production Service

 JL Productions recently ordered a flight case for their Chamsys MagicQ PC Wing Compact to make it a plug and play lighting console with PC, monitor, keyboard, and mouse built in the flight case. The case is built of 9mm plywood panel with azure blue laminate to match the color...
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23/08/2020 0 Comment.

Flypack Lighting Production Case for Chamsys PC Wing Compact

Armor Cases recently completed a lighting production console case for Chamsys PC Wing compact. Since this control surface requires a computer system with a monitor to form a complete control system, this flight case is designed to have the entire system connected within the road case ready to go. The...
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03/03/2020 0 Comment.

TV Road Case for Twin 82″ TVs with Split Lid for Cube

We introduce to you this custom made road case for twin 82 inches TVs with split lid for CUBE. Twin TV road case is a popular and cost effective type of case for transporting or storing TV display panels. This is because the cost of building a road case to...
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25/12/2019 0 Comment.

Custom Road Case for Elliptical Trainer

We present to you another custom made road case built for Cirque du Soleil, a highly-regarded Canadian circus producer. We have used high-quality materials to produce a high quality frame for this road case. It is developed from 12MM laminated plywood in a black finish. The internal dimension of the...
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road case with split lid dm9600 5
14/03/2019 0 Comment.

Road Case for CELLAVISION Medical Instrument

This road case is for CELLAVISION, in Sydney, for their DM-9600 machine. It is a strong case made from plywood, of 9mm thickness, with black PVC finish and 1.5mm thick aluminium extrusion. All of the sides of the case are lined with 10mm broad EVA foam, except the bottom, which...
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etc element case 1
06/03/2019 0 Comment.

Heavy-Duty Road Case for ETC Element Lighting Console

Τhis road case is made for Monkey Baa Theatre Company for their ETC Element Lighting Console. It is a heavy-duty case made of thick plywood, that has been laminated with black PVC, and aluminium extrusion with ARMOR hardware and an EVA 10mm thick foam all over the inside, that will...
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