road case ovation f55fc
15/08/2020 0 Comment.

A Showcase Modified to Suit 12 of Ovation f-55FC

Our client Showtools International requested a modification of their existing Packer 5 showcase to suit 12 of Ovation f-55FC. Showtools International is among the top brands that provide high-quality equipment’s in the entertainment industry. The company is among the top names in Australia that supplies professional entertainment event products that...
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Medical-Carry-Case-BiPolarExt4 (1)
15/08/2020 0 Comment.

Medical Instrument Carry Cases with Foam Insert for Karl Storz

One of our most trusted clients by name Karl Storz has requested for two medical instrument carry cases with customization. Karl Storz, founded in 1945, is a top name in the production of industrial endoscopy, human medicine, and veterinary medicine, and other similar fields. They utilize their endoscopy expertise to...
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6u broadcast pod case
28/06/2020 0 Comment.

6U Pods Road Case for NEP Australia

Our good client, NEP Australia has requested us to create a road case for their broadcast pod devices. The company is a popular name in the television and broadcasting industry with extensive networks in broadcasters, venue and crews all over the country. They strive to use all of their resources to...
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Kiosk transport case
28/06/2020 0 Comment.

Kiosk Transport Case for Hire Intelligence

Hire Intelligence is a leader in Australia’s short-term computer rental market. They started in 1992 and has long since been known for their competitive prices, excellent service quality, and unparalleled team. They are quickly expanding and is now located all over the globe. They needed a kiosk transport case for...
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lightweight travel case
27/06/2020 0 Comment.

Lightweight Travel Case with Custom Foam Insert for Karl Storz

Our client Karl Storz has requested another lightweight travel case that required a good amount of custom foam cutting. Karl Storz is a big name in the manufacture of endoscopic instruments for human medicine, veterinary medicine and industrial endoscopy, among others. They combine their expertise in endoscopy with software solutions...
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TC300 Custom Carry Case1
21/06/2020 0 Comment.

Lightweight Medical Carry Case for Karl Storz

Karl Storz is a popular name in the medical field as a leading global manufacturer and distributor of medical instruments, endoscopes and devices. They have asked us to manufacture a lightweight medical carry case for their TC300 medical equipment plus its accessories. The road case is very compact and simple....
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flight case for AFTRS gemini litepanel road case
10/06/2020 0 Comment.

Flight Case for AFTRS New Gemini 2×1 Softlight Panels

The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) is known for empowering the Australian storytelling talent since its inception in 1973. The flight case for AFTRS is meant to house their newly-bought Gemini softlight panels. From its name, it is a national film, television and radio school committed to nurturing...
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road case for chauvet colorado q40 panel
29/05/2020 0 Comment.

Road Case for Chauvet Pro Colorado Panel Q40

COLORado Panel Q40 is a powerful IP65-rated rectangular wash light that features 40 15 W RGBW LEDs capable of flawless edge-to-edge color mixing. This rugged indoor/outdoor unit can be manipulated through adjustable beam angles and includes a magnetic flood filter to produce a wider, but still even area wash. This...
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roadcase dc214 n ic40 3
16/10/2019 0 Comment.

Road Case For The DSC214 Calorimeter

These are custom-made road cases for the DSC214 Calorimeter; they were commissioned by our client, an operator of a chemical analysis lab here in Sydney.  The internal dimension of the unit is approximately 340 x 807 x 245 mm (WxDxH). The frame of this road case is constructed out of...
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WilliamGreen WG S01 S02
18/06/2019 0 Comment.

Road Cases for Dental Equipment & Accessories

These are 2 personalised road cases for William Green, designed for keeping dental equipment and accessories. Their dimensions are approximately 525 x 324 x 340mm (W x D x H) on the inside. Both cases are manufactured out of 6mm thick plywood laminated with a grey polish and padded with...
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