roadcase dc214 n ic40 3
16/10/2019 0 Comment.

Road Case For The DSC214 Calorimeter

These are custom-made road cases for the DSC214 Calorimeter; they were commissioned by our client, an operator of a chemical analysis lab here in Sydney.  The internal dimension of the unit is approximately 340 x 807 x 245 mm (WxDxH). The frame of this road case is constructed out of...
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WilliamGreen WG S01 S02
18/06/2019 0 Comment.

Road Cases for Dental Equipment & Accessories

These are 2 personalised road cases for William Green, designed for keeping dental equipment and accessories. Their dimensions are approximately 525 x 324 x 340mm (W x D x H) on the inside. Both cases are manufactured out of 6mm thick plywood laminated with a grey polish and padded with...
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WilliamGreen WG S01
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Cleaning Supplies Road Case

This is a tailored road case for William Green, for storing cleaning supplies. It measures 505 x 340 x 422mm (W x D x H) on the inside. It features 6 custom compartments that were specifically crafted to fit all of the cleaning products that our client wanted. This case...
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cable packer lift out trays6
26/03/2019 0 Comment.

5-Compartment Road Case for Cable Storage

This is a heavy-duty road case for Monkey Baa Theatre Company for cable packing. Cable organising and transferring can be a frustrating task when you don’t have the correct space to work with. That’s why we created this case with many compartments for convenient storage. This road case is made...
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road cases for accordion 2
15/03/2019 3 Comments.

Heavy-Duty Flight Case for Scandalli Accordion

This flight case is for E. R. Sarkova for her Scandalli Super L 120 Accordion. It is a solid case made out of 9mm thick plywood with black PVC finish, 25-30mm wide aluminium extrusion and its interior is padded with 20mm broad EVA foam. The lid has a 30mm PE...
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flight case dc1 2
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Robust Flight Case for CELLAVISION Medical Instrument

This flight case is for CELLAVISION, in Sydney, for their DC-1 unit. It is a robust, yet lightweight, case made of 6mm thick plywood with black PVC finish and aluminium extrusion, specifically built so that the total weight, including equipment, doesn’t exceed the 23kg luggage check in limit. Recessed castors...
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flypack road case 1
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TV Flypack Road Case

E-sports organiser and production company ESL Gaming Australia asked us to create a custom road case/ TV flypack for their equipment. We created a heavy duty case (1500mm W*600mm D*1100mm H) out of a 9mm thick black PVC laminated plywood, which was strengthened with steel ball corners and aluminium extrusion. The...
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gaming console ps4 road case.1 1
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This should gets everyone excited. A road case of 20 PS4 consoles! Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia wants a solid road case to organize their 20 new PS4 Pro gaming consoles with controllers and accessories. They want one to have a lift out tray for all 20 controllers on top, all...
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