road case db810 3 e1570976256257
09/10/2019 0 Comment.

DB810 Bass Cabinet Road Case

We present to you a custom-made road case for housing the Aguilar DB810 bass cabinet, commissioned by our client, an operator in the events and tours company here in Sydney. The Aguilar DB810 case’s dimensions are 666 x 457 x 1168mm (W x D x H). We utilised heavy-duty 9mm...
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roadcase Scherer01 2
08/10/2019 0 Comment.

Schréder Lighting Pole Road Case

We present to you a custom-built road case designed for housing and transporting the Schreder Shuffle lighting pole. The Shuffle lighting pole weighs approximately 45KG. Its dimensions are 1270 x 500 x 500 (W x D x H). The purpose of the road case is transporting and housing the lighting...
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medical case with ramp 4
04/03/2019 0 Comment.

Medical Transport Case with Built-in Ramp

Here is another road case we built for B.Braun to transport their expensive instrument Orthopilot between warehouse and hospitals. The Orthopilot comes with a flip down screen with adjustable height, as well as wheels for easy handling. The customer requires minimum movement of the instrument within the road case while...
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Rack case with console 2
08/02/2019 0 Comment.

Rack Case with Audio Mixer and Rear Access Door

This case was built for Embassy of P.R.C in Canberra for their newly purchased audio equipment including a 19" mixer and 2 Shure BLX4 wireless receivers. The case is built with 9mm plywood with lift off lid and front removable lid. The mixer is mounted in the upper partition at...
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