Carry Cases with Custom Foam Inserts

Custom Carry Case with Foam Insert

Easy to carry custom cases with foam inserts to have your medical tools and parts stay protected and organized in your bespoke protective cases.

Light-weight Medical Road Cases with Custom Foam Cut-outs

Medical experts and sales personnel often need lightweight but robust cases to carry a variety of small parts and tools for different jobs.

These cases are either hand-carried or come with recessed pull-out handles so they can be handled easily. We use premium 6mm laminated plywood and Penn Elcom hardware to build these small lightweight cases that are still very sturdy and strong.

We design the internal dividers and foam insert in a way that will keep the overall dimensions of the flight case as small as possible while having everything inside easily accessible and organized.

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We understand that foam inserts for medical parts require accuracy to offer the best protection.  We invest in state of the art 3D measuring arm to accurately mapping the shapes of various items into Solidworks software for further processing. We also understand such items are often expensive and customers may not be able to release them to our workshop for such measuring work. It is possible that we can visit you to carry out such measurements.

After all the items are accurately mapped, we move on to work out the best arrangement of various items using 3D CAD software Solidworks. Our experience in designing foam inserts, combined with communications with customers allows us to achieve complex geometry with a friction fit. We are able to design lift-out trays, lid pouches and even aluminium chassis to keep various items accessible and organised. Markings and branding options are also available.

We use premium closed-cell EVA 38 foam for such inserts due to its desirable qualities. EVA foam is heavy-duty while being reasonably lightweight. It is closed cell thus moisture-proof.

The final approved design will be exported into our CNC router which will then accurately produce the prototype of foam insert for closer inspection and review as well as mass production if there is a large order.

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Built to Last

5 Years Warranty on All Cases. Armor is committed to producing only the highest quality road cases. Our cases are expertly designed and carefully made to pass all performance standards to ensure the safety of all your important belongings.

Custom Design Development

We design our cases with one thing in mind – your overall satisfaction. We collect all valuable information, create a design and present to you a 3D CAD preview of the product before proceeding to production.

High Precision Manufacturing and Production

Our trusted craftsmen follow a streamlined manufacturing process to translate your approved design to a road case masterpiece. The 3D preview serves as the basis for all cuttings for workshop up to the final completion of the product.

If you are on the market for a carefully designed and custom made medical carry case with foam inserts, we would love to hear from you. We back our cases with 5 years warranty. We are happy to come to you to look at the instrument and discuss the details with you.