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About Us

Armor Road Cases was established in 2016 by a group of people with a mission to be the best road case manufacturer in Australia by not being just “another one of those” road case workshops.
In fact, there are a lot of boxes to tick just to be “another one of those” in this business. We are stocking enough variety of hardware, panels of different materials, thicknesses, and color. We invested in and continue to invest in automation machines for cutting, punching, engraving with accuracy and efficiency. We have a team of experienced technical salespeople and case builders who understand road cases and listen to customers’ needs.

Road cases are expected to be built tough so they can survive anything thrown at them while offering the best possible protection to the valuable assets stored inside. Meaning all material and hardware used in such cases can not be just average, they have to be the best.

It does not stop there.

To be outstanding, we need to provide our customers with a road case design that will make these road cases easier to use. The best design will reduce the amount of unnecessary handling of loose or large parts, avoid the chances of loss of components of content as well as parts of the road case, and allow the best accessibility of equipment in the road case.

We need to offer a wide range of customization beyond just screen printing, colors, and labels. We are offering promotional case wrapping, upholstering with fabric or leather. We will listen to and be inspired by customers’ concepts and ideas and be part of their creative team.

We will look beyond the traditional rental industries and acknowledge that many other industries need a strong, beautiful, and affordable box to protect and transport whatever they might have.

We understand that we need to compete on the front of prices, lead time, and quality but it does not make us any different than others, and we need to do more.

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Meet Our Team

Alan Song

Sales and Customer Communications

Alan is responsible to listen to clients and understand their needs and concerns. Alan also makes sure clients have through understanding of the case(s) to be built. He is responsible for the overall customer experience before, during, and after-sales. He keeps in touch with customers after sales to ensure any warranty issues are addressed ASAP.

Vic Yao

Quoting and Accounts

Vic is responsible to ensure adequate information has been obtained in order to provide customer an accurate quote. Vic also engage in communicating with customers so that they understand our quote or working with customer to make changes to quote and design when required.

Vic is also responsible for sending customers invoices and reconcile payments.

Jackie Lucas

Case Design and CAD Drawings

Jackie is responsible for road case design based on collected information from customers and provide CAD drawings for customer to review. Jackie work with other team members to ensure the drawings are checked and understood. After the drawings are approved by customers Jackie will generate cutting drawings for workshop to proceed production of cases.

Hansen Huang

Head Case Maker and Workshop Manager

Hansen is a veteran case builder and our workshop team leader. He is responsible for job allocation and quality control. Hansen works on road cases himself while managing the team to ensure quality and efficiency in the workshop. Hansen is also responsible for final quality inspection on finished road cases before they are released to customers.